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Our Vision

We are committed to providing a world class, inclusive, program to the children of our community. We provide the highest quality early learning, in a safe and nurturing environment where we cultivate a community of engaged learners.

We bring out the best in ourselves, as well as the children and families we serve.

About Us

Dedicated Educators


Between all the teachers at our school, we have a combined 100 years in the Early Education Field. We are dedicated to our roles in the lives of children. We know that we can make a difference.  50% of our staff has their Staff and/or Directors Credential. 

Accelerated Learning for ages 1-5 years old


  The early childhood years are the most important developmental years in a lifetime. These years are a time of permanent impact. At this time your child acquires feelings and attitudes about learning, themselves, others and the world around them that will establish the platform in which all other learning, attitudes and beliefs are built on.

The early years are a time of exploration and discovery, for living and learning. They are a time to think, communicate, and develop socially. A time for children to develop self esteem, self awareness, and self help skills. A child that does not foster these critical skills now will be at a disadvantage socially and academically throughout their life. Now is the time to set the foundation, to grow on, to live on.

Self esteem and passion for learning are the gifts you give a child. Our powerful curriculum gives the gift of loving, learning, and loving to learn in an environment parents feel good about. Your child has one chance at childhood; one chance to set the foundation for a lifetime of school and life success. At The Triple C, your child is given the best chance to live past their potential.

Our Mission


 “We value every child and embrace diversity. Every child is a gift and is entitled to the opportunities of quality early learning. We cultivate a love of learning, and provide a safe environment where children learn, grow, and thrive. We set the stage for a lifetime of learning.”

Loren Niswander

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